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Moshi moshi trashu chan here

I’m sorry I again vanish in the air is just that I had stuff to do in real life , x - x nothing wrong actually good things but they require efford

I will try to stretch a lil my scheduled so I had time to vectorize ( cause I actually have been drawing ) my tablet fuck up and I only have my old wacom that means I draw by hand again .

Anyway I’m sorry for giving the giveaway prizes so late :( I have been traveling and a lot of stuff

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When will you finish the giveaway prizes?

I’m sorry real life has been very demanding these days I’m gonna finish them on this week since I got a commissions to make :( sorry

У тебя потрясающая попка!

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do you speak russian?

;  3  ; noup BUT I THINK IS HELLA HOT!


Marukaite Chikyuu Boku Hetalia ~

Gift for the Giveaway winner misadventuresofsavvy

Send me an inbox so I can send it to you in HQ!

Gift of the giveaway winner poxarino

send me please an ask so I can send you the HQ picture :3

I made a few more designs for the Homestuck contest

but at the end , I didn’t send this one , so I animate it.

- IT’S OVER! -

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MEKA-COMMISSIONS I will give you the info of my paypal when it’s all ready


Commissions are OPEN and by open I mean you could help me to save money if something chaotic happens

How do u art so good

you must be mistaken Sir Anon , here’s a few tutorials of how to do artz

* here

* and also here

magnifique desu

gracias desu

Peach is the character I use on ssb and I was a little sad that everytime I search for this character I always found her semi naked , not that I don’t like it , I just will love to see fanarts of her fighting and all that.

Depends of how you treat him, baby aoba

it all up to you,

*breaks your face*