Meulin’s design if someone was interested in what signs she was doing
Gif version ( x )

Meulin’s design if someone was interested in what signs she was doing

Gif version ( x )


lordcy asked: I wanna see Aoba riding the disco stick /so/ badly. I have such a mighty need to see Aoba riding that glowing, vibrating, disco stick to hell and back. This is a thirst that I cannot fully express in words. I wish you all the luck in your artistic adventures! I love your art and can't wait to see more, no matter what it is.


man you sure know how to write sexy things *sweats* THE THIRST IS REAL I CAN FEEL IT!!

Anonymous asked: I noticed that you were sketching out another nsfw gif involving Kouao and now I'm curious. Are you going to make one for every boyfriend? (Gods I hope so but if not I pray there will be a Cleao one)

you wanna see aoba riding the disco stick don’t you?


i don’t think i’m gonna make all the boyfriends , but I haven’t made anything of koujaku or ren…YET

MEKA-COMMISSIONS I will give you the info of my paypal when it’s all ready


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meet Daffy Punk the Wolf

Also every wednesday I will upload a comic of my OCS :3c

Anonymous asked: Are you alright with people using your art as icons or on their blogs if they give credit?

no! i would love it actually!!!

but i will also like to see them too ;O; so if you know someone tell me so i can see their icon **totally not stalking obsly**

sometimes I actually design stuff

ANYWAY , this is a thing I made for a campaign for pets

but the message is really important so I ask permission to translate it and share it :3

Anonymous asked: Do you have another tumblr? Or deviantART?

hmm WELL i have 3 other blogs if you’re interested

Main blog  ( i post a lot and don’t tag stuff ;O; )

Guro blog  is more bloody than actual guro

Porn blog i’m sorry is gross

I don’t have a deviant , i USED TO buuut i don’t use it anymore i’m more active on tumblr.

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humblerumble asked: I assoociate myself with Dough in a deep psychological and spiritual level.


same cutie SAME

this is an unpopular opinion of doug

doug was smart and delete that ask , you should do that too if you get those crappy asks

sometimes people forgot this , even myself

like for real :/ you just don’t know how shitty is the life of the other person